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    ICPMS 7700 corrupt batch file issue




      After a power cut, the batch file I had open on my desktop seems to have become damaged...

      On opening the batch, it fails to open... small dialogue pops up >> "failed to open quick scan file. Failed to read binary quick scan file."

      Has anyone any experience of 'fixing' such "batch.bin" files so to speak? 

      It is a good sized file of about 50MB so I suspect the content is still there, but just cant be opened due to some possibly minor corruption.

      Any advice appreciated.



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          Hi Bob,


          without knowing your software version, the following procedure could help:


          Open Offline Data Analysis program, go to File -> New Batch folder and create a new (empty) batch.

          Then go to File -> Import All Samples from Batch and select the corrupt batch. The raw data should be imported.

          Now you need to re-write the data analysis method from scratch or you import the data analysis method from a different, working batch (DA Method -> Import DA Method).


          If this fails, it could be that a single sample is corrupt. Then try importing one or a few samples at the time in your newly created empty batch.


          Hope that helps


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            Thanks you Matthias,

            That worked perfectly... data first, then method... all samples present. ..  another trick learned!

            Much appreciated.