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    Detailed logbook


      Hi, this is my first post so, thanks for your attention, and sorry for my bad english (I´m from Argentina)

      At the lab (Pharmaceutical), we are trying to limit the use of paper. In that way, the actual objective is the replacement of the physical hplc´s logbooks for a digital version.

      The software we use is Openlab CDS Chemstation Edition Rev C.01.08.

      So, trying to get a logbook I found this (via Openlab´s control panel):



      It´s very close to what I need but it have one problem. When I run a sequence with multiple batchs of a product, the logbook only stores the sequence name, but it doesn’t shows the sequence runs. I´ve tried to save the batch numbers in the sequence name, but it have a characters limit (72).


      Does anyone know if there is a way to config the information that the logbook shows?


      Thanks again for the attention!



      Damian Walton.

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          Did u activate the audit trail for everything.

          When you create a project then you can select Audit Trail for Everything.


          By default is only Audit Trail for the Results activated.


          Just activate it for the rest and maybe it should work.



          I dont know if i can help you i only used Open Labs 2.1. But its quiet different from Open Labs Chemstation Edition.


          i hope i could help you a bit.

          Good Luck