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Masshunter Qual Analysis Report Template Issue (repeat CMD)

Question asked by mhuegel on Feb 7, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2019 by mhuegel

I want to display sample information, user chromatogram peak table and usergraphics on a single sheet and have a sheetbreak for every sample (multidatafile report). My first attempt is displayed in the following picture:





It didnt work as expected as the ItemID for the sample information (surprisingly to me) differs from the ItemIDs of the peak table and the graphicfile (the latter are identical). I then realized that the AnalysisID in the sample information table seems to be [ItemID] (peak table or graphicfile) - 2. So I built a workaround and referred the repeating CMD to a CustomID. This ID is established via formula columns in the tables and is defined as [AnalysisID] + 2 in the sample information table and as [ItemID] in the peak table / graphicsfile.


My question now is: Is the AnalysisID in general defined as [ItemID] peak table or graphicfile + 2 or is this just coincidence? I only tested this on a few samples and it worked fine.


Are there perhaps more elegant ways to achieve my goal?



Kind regards



EDIT: I probably should emphasize the following: There is no "SampleID" or "AnalysisID" in the XML Report maps for peak tables or graphic files in Qualitative Analysis templates. I can only refer to the ItemIDs