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Total % Mass calculation with multiple compounds using pre determined RRF

Question asked by jenchem on Feb 5, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2020 by jenchem

I am having difficulties in getting the Total % mass calculation or a custom equation to yield the correct result for a dissolution test we run.  Below is the equation we use to calculate the % release (total % mass).  The values 1.18 and 1.06 are the relative response factors for the 2nd and 3rd compounds versus the primary active determined during validation.  We use OpenLab CDS version 2.3.  We are also using overlap for the bracketing standards.


% Release =( (Area (primary)+(Area (2) /1.18)+ (Area (3) /1.08))*(Standard Concentration)(500)(100))/ (Average Area (bracketing Standards) )*(Dose))

Note the Average Area for the bracketing standard should be calculated like (Area (primary)+(Area (2) /1.18)+ (Area(3) /1.08)


I can calculate the corrected total area but can’t figure out how to get the bracketing standard area to include the all three compounds with the corrected areas.  I tried using group area with the Ref correction but could not get the total group area to be correct.  It would only use the primary peak for calculations or not correct the peak areas for the relative response factor. Is this even possible in OpenLab?