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    Post-processing software in Chemstation B.04.03


      When post processing software is embedded into Chemstation B.04.03 is there a specific initialization macro that is modified?  In older versions there was a macro "user.mac".  Does B04.03 use a different macro for initialization?


      Thanks, Erik

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          If you want to run a macro automatically when ChemStation is started as opposed to running it from the command line or as a pre- or post-run macro in the run time checklist, then you want to use the user.mac file like in older versions. If there is no user.mac file currently in the C:\Chem32\CORE\ folder, then you can create a new file named user.mac and the function will be the same.

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              Thanks, ryoboyle.  There is no user.mac.  However, the Chemstation menu bar has been modified to add its own sequence table and creates CDF files recognized by the post-processing software.  I noticed that this software creates a folder that contains macros in the Chem32 folder.  I am not sure what calls these macros upon initialization, though.  I just talked with the manufacturer and they told me that the win.ini file is responsible for that.  I am trying to figure it out because sometimes the online freezes and there are red "x"s across the windows.  We have two instruments on one computer and I noticed it was happening when we had chemstation open for both instruments.  I have closed the second installation and I haven't seen it so I am thinking it might have something to do with both of the chemstation installations being open but I have no idea why.