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    How do I add one set of data to another?


      I am using OpenLab CDS version 2.3. The bracketing mode is overlap with a single level external standard. I am running a test with multiple time points and need to add the first or sometimes the second time point data to the corresponding sample in the remaining time points. For example the 15min V1 sample results need to be added to the 30 min V1 sample results and to the V1 sample of the 45 min data set. The V2 data needs to be added to the V2 samples and so on for the remaining V# samples. The results table is repeating on Sample Label which I am using to define what data sets are used for summary calculations.

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               I attached a pdf with an example of the output from this method. You will need to store an aggregate for your concentration column with a category that is unique for each sample set based on your sample name. In this case, I would change your sample name to have a separator other than a space. The space will work but it can cause problems when people enter the sample names. In my example, I am using a _ for the separation of parts of the sample name to be utilized. I am also making the table work for multiple compounds. The category I used was Choose(3,Split(Sample_Name,"_")) + Compound_Name.  This takes the text in the sample name after the second _ and adds the compound_name so a unique aggregate is created for each compound and peak group. Then you can add another column to display the sum of the aggregate. If you do not want to see 2 columns you can hide the concentration column where you created the aggregate.


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