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    What SPE cartridge to use? (different polarity separation)



      i have a 95% purity liquid sample (i would call this COMPOUND A), with an average polarity.

      I have in it this 2% impurity (I would call it COMPOUND B) , less polar.


      What kind of SPE I can use to separate this?


      My sample A is soluble in methanol, hexane, acetone, acetonitrile but not in water.


      I can separate the two compound using hplc C18 , isocratic WATER/METHANOL 25/75 :

      -compound A leave the column at rt 15 min

      -compound B leave the column at rt 37 min


      I want to try SPE just to separate the two compound at atmospheric pressure....ok using a little only a little pressure.


      Thank you.