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    Editing MassSpectra Library in OpenLab CDS 2.3



      we would like to add new entries to our mass spectra library (originally ChemStation, integrated into OpenLab CDS 2.3).
      Is there a possibility to edit our library via OpenLab?


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          I added tags to this post to increase visibility.


          Since OpenLab CDS uses the NIST MS Search program to perform MS library searches, there is no way to edit a library within the OpenLab CDS application. From OpenLab CDS, you do have the options to either Search for a spectrum in the NIST libraries or to Send a spectrum to the NIST MS program.The MS Search program does allow users to create and edit user libraries in the 'Librarian' tab, and spectra sent to NIST MS Search can be from OpenLab CDS can be added to these user libraries.



          Hopefully this helps.