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    Neither Lab Advisor, nor ChemStation can find the pump module



      I have two instruments (Agilent 1200RR and Agilent 1290) connected to one computer that runs OpenLab CDS, ChemStation Edition, Rev. C.01.07SR3 under Windows 10. Today, when I turned on the system, the ChemStation couldn't find the pump on the 1200RR HPLC. The Lab Advisor also couldn't detect the module. (All the other modules, autosampler, DAD and column heater are detected). I closed and restarted both the computer and the HPLC system (in the right sequence), but it didn't help. The pump is powered, the green light is on and I can hear the slight "humming" inside the module. I switched the LAN cables between the pump and another module, and the cable is fine, it worked with the other module.

      I would appreciate any suggestion I can try to figure it out what is the problem. Thank you!