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    How to print a calibration curve? (Openlab CDS)



      i've just calibrated a X compound in my method : Openlab CDS automatically calculate via estd% the X compound in my samples...but how to print the entire calibration curve?


      I mean, I want to print the entire calibration curve,  the levels, the std conc mg/L, the peak area, their response factors...


      I didn't find out how to perform it.


      There's a way to do it?


      thank you

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          It sounds like you want a combination of the information found in the Calibration report template and the Sequence Summary report templates.


          Sequence Summary report templates have a section called Calibration Standard Statistics which contains the below information for all calibration standards for each calibrated compound:


          You can add columns to this table if want include more information, such as compound response factor.


          You can then use the Calib Curve Plot by Compound or Calibration Curves Summary report items to display the calibration curves along with the cal curve formula, correlation coefficient, etc...

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