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    Sequence Runs Appear as Single Run


      I am using ChemStation (B.04.03-SP1 [87]) to process data acquired from GC 6890 / G 1888. Every other run, a sequence would be run and all of the individual runs in the sequence get compiled into one big run. I have reverted back to this version of ChemStation and it seems to have resolved the problem for now. However, I now have single files containing the data of 10+ runs in a sequence. I have tried reprocessing the sequence in order to separate them into separate files, but to no avail.


      I have attached a report from such a run. The runs are distinguishable thanks to the large methanol peaks near the beginning of each run.


      Is there a specific cause for sequence runs to become compiled into a single run? And is there a way for me to reprocess the data in order to separate the runs again?


      Thank you very much.