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Agilent 1200 Firmware upgrade issue

Question asked by wendywen on Jan 12, 2019
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We have Agilent G1312B, 1367C autosampler and G1316B column compartment, we just installed openlab C.01.09 into our surface book laptop with window 10 pro, when we did the installation, system check found some problems, such as power options and window auto updates and firewall, we turned off firewall, make sure power setting to never sleep, turn off auto updates. then we reinstall the software, but still show those findings, then Agilent technician remotely login and tried, he just ignored those error messages and continued, finally he did installed it. But it could not recognize aotusample although could connect to both pump and column compartment . Autosampler has firmware A.06.16, pump and column compartment has A.06.10.  He used lab advisor to upgrade the firmware, but it failed and all modules show yellow light blinking.  Then we lost all connections since we ping the IP address, show unreachable host.  Then he said the motherboard was burned during upgrade. Does anybody know how to recover from this fail firmware upgrade?  I found this but do not know how to follow it, like step 2--how to add the commiunication? and step 6?





In case of power fail or LAN/RS-232 cable disconnected during the update to revision A.06xx, one or more modules will no longer visible in the system! It does not communicate with the modules that have A.06.xx firmware.

Module has LAN or RS-232 communication

If the module has LAN (slot for LAN interface) or RS-232 communication you have to

  1. Power off all modules.
  2. Add the LAN/RS-232 communication to the module that is no longervisible. ..... ( Do not understand how to add the communication??, please help!)
  3. Turn this module on.
  4. Start the firmware update to A.06.xx for this module.
  5. Power off the module.
  6. Re-install the LAN/RS-232 communication to the detector (DAD, MWD, FLD, VWD) or, if not available, to pump or autosampler (this order).
  7. Turn all modules on for normal operation