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Problems with [compound MS spectrum results]

Question asked by silence on Jan 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2019 by trifecta

Data acquired from GC-MS was imported into Masshunter and was deconvolved to find compounds. Next, when I click on that entity, it was showed in [compound MS spectrum results] as :QQ图片20190112051650.png.So, I don't know the difference between the meaning of the two definitions in red circles here. Can I understand that the upper one is the spectrum of the identified compound, and the lower one means every fragment scanned by EI?


Next, I right click and search using NIST-MS program, sometimes it doesn't show valid compounds, unless I double click the area in red circle, why? Do I make a mistake when I use Masshunter or NIST-MS?QQ图片20190112051656.png


Thank you in advance.