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    Calculation in Open Labs




      I want to determine a custom calculated factor.


      We got compound1 ( Methanol ) with 250 Area

                  Compound 2 (Butanol ) with 490 Area.


      I want to display the result of the diffusion of both  490 / 250 = 1.96


      How can I display 1.96 in the report ? Im using Open Labs 2.1




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          Hi Mr.White.

          I moved this over to software for better visibility.



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            Hello mr.white,


            There are a couple different ways you can set up this calculation. You could create perform the calculation by defining custom variables on a report template and then using these variables in a custom expression, or you could set up the calculation using the Custom Calculator feature in OpenLab CDS and then call the result of the custom calculation on your report. I am going to outline how to do the latter of these options, but let me know if you want to set it up all on the report and we can dive into that later.


            Using the Custom Calculation Editor (accessed from the Processing tab in the Data Processing view of Data Analysis), you can create a new Custom Calculation File (ccf).  I set up the below example ccf with a Custom Calculation for Dilution. This is on an injection scope (as opposed to Peak or group, signal, or sequence scope) so Dilution will be calculated on injection-by-injection basis. The formula is taking the area of Compound A and dividing it by the area of Compound B.


            NOTE: This formula does not take into account the possibility of either Compound A or Compound B not being present in the data file.


            Once you save the ccf, you can then either link or embed the Custom Calculation in your method:


            Once it is added to your method, you will need to reprocess your data in order to generate results for the new custom calculation. After reprocessing, the custom calculation results will be displayed in your injection results. Since this is an Injection scope calculation, the results will be found in the Summary tab of the injection results:



            You can then add this custom calculation to your report using the Custom Calculation Results report item under Fields>Injection:


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                Hello Ryoboyle,


                Thank you very much. It worked





                PS: Your Skill is pretty amazing .My current project is finished in 2 weeks, and I want to thank you and all others who helped me a lot, for all the help. Without you I couldn't do all the magic that happened. I am looking forward to find a new project, which either involve working with Open Labs ( Which is kinda superior compared to your competitors ), or with Agilent devices in general.


                Thank you again