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    micro GC Not Ready


      We have microGC in the lab, equipped with Buckflush Column module  20 m MS5 (Channel 1) and Column module 10m PPU  (Channel 2).   As carrier gases Ar and He are used, respectively in Ch 1 and Ch 2.  I have problem  to get GC „ready“. Strange thing is, in some days it works properly, some other days not.

      After loading the method and waiting for set  temperatures, the General status overview is still „Not Ready“ and the GC does not allow to start  analysing (even  the status for columns, injectors and detectors show  „ready“ ).    In Service Tool box, in Channel Status page I can see two red values , TCD bridge volt  ( 0.05;  -0.06) for Ch 2.   Could you please tell what can be  the problem and  how to solve it?