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    Making my Laboratory Control Spectrum the "blank" for my samples


      Hey Agilent Community,

      I am very new to Masshunter software and had a few questions regarding my approach to my untargeted metabolomics.

      I have been trying to make my laboratory control chromatogram my "blank" basically, and then trying to see which peaks in my samples are different from the control. Is there a method available to easily do this? I feel like I have been having more trouble than I should - as it doesn't seem like that complex of a question. I have looked into possibly creating a custom PCDL that has the control compounds found through the "find by molecular feature" or "find by auto MS/MS" tool, and I have also thought that maybe it would be possible to just background subtract the entire control spectrum from my samples. My data is MS and MS/MS collected from a QTOF, if that is relevant.

      Does anyone have suggestions on how I should go about answering this question? Or maybe could someone point me in the direction of a webinar or guide that could help me with this question? Again, I am pretty new to using Masshunter so I apologize if this question seems basic or has already been answered.