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    Average in report made in MassHunter ReportBuilder B09


      I am working with reportbuilder B09.

      In the field output "Calibration", you can add the RDS of a calibration level to a report template. In order to obtain the RSD, the average must also be calculated, but it cannot be setected as output for a field. You can select LevelRSD, but not the average. Is there a way to obtain it anyway?

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          Unlike the RSD the average is not stored in the Calibration table so you can't select it as a data field.


          It is possible to calculate it in a PDF Report Builder report by way of expressions and fairly sophisticated Python code however it is not at all easy.  There are two basic approaches.


          #1 Load all the data into a global Python data structure as the rows are displayed in the report and then perform the average calculation once all rows are available.  This limits the report format fairly seriously.


          #2 Using the SDK directly access the rows of the calibration table, perform the average calculation and store them in a global data structure, and then using an expression relive the average where and when you want in your PDF Report Builder template.


          The above is only a framework to a solution not a complete "how to".  If you want to pursue this, knowing what is required in terms of skills and time, let me know and I can supply more information.


          We are planning to add aggregate functions like average, mean, minimum, maximum, etc. to a future release of PDF Report Builder.