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    Export to PDF or EPS


      I am preparing high-resolution figure for publication. I have several overlaid HPLC chromatograms that I want to export to pdf, eps or ps format and then edit in Adobe Illustrator. “Print to PDF” option gives me chromatogram of very poor quality (see below). Does anyone know how to improve this?

      There is a “copy to clipboard” option - it gives nice and smooth lines, but it cannot be edited in vector graphics software.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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          It looks like you are using OpenLab CDS ChemStation, is that correct? Would you mind providing us with the revision of software you are using? You can check by going to Help>About.

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              yes, I am using OpenLab CDS ChemStation version C.01.07 SR3.

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                  Thank you for the information.


                  Unfortunately, the two options that you have already explored (printing a report to PDF and printing the selected signal window) are primary methods of exporting the signal/chromatogram to a pdf. If you are using an intelligent report you can try changing the pen width of the signal to see if that gives you a more acceptable graphic. You could also try a classic report template if you have not already.


                  You could also export the signal data points to a csv file and use another program to generate the graphic. To do this, load the signal in Data Analysis and then go to File>Export File>CSV file. In the resulting popup, select the Signal radio button and specify a destination file name and path.


                  Hopefully this helps.

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                      Thanks a lot for your response! I have tried classic report and intelligent report with different pen width, but unfortunately none of them looks any better. These reports show chromatogram, which looks exactly what I see on my screen. I tried to connect a larger monitor, but the picture quality remains the same (looks even worse on a larger screen). The peak lines are not smooth. Just for comparison:



                      I know about CSV option, but I was hoping there is a simpler solution. I am wondering if in newer versions of OpenLab Chem Station this might be improved? Surprisingly not many people complain about this issue..

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                  Hi Olga,

                  The only way I know of to improve the resolution is to first adjust your time and response scales within openlab and and then use the print/selected window and just specify your printer within openlab as a pdf coverter.

                  Hope this helps.

                  TimHi Resolution.jpg