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    Visual Studio Test script C# for MassHunter




      We are a environnemental laboratory in Lyon (France)


      The issue is that we don't need all of all coumpound default defined in our method because each custumer want different coumpound.


      So we want to synchronise our database per useful coumpound's custumer using C# Scripting (Custum Action)


      We found find some usefull documents in D:\MassHunter\SDKs\Quant\Documents


      and I took this script exemple " Zero Peak Below LOD" just for install a test-developpement in visual studio.


      I took all .dll to my visual studio from the C:\Program Files\Agilent\MassHunter\Workstation\Quant\bin


      But when I run the program it doesn't work because of a missing .dll (UIState) I didn't find anything.


      Can you provide us with more information on that subject ?


      Thanks for your help.

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            Hello armel - thank you for your interest.  I'm not sure what is wrong with your script at the moment. But I wanted to raise two possibilities for solving this problem that are simpler than programming custom code.


            1.) Agilent just released a new program called the "MassHunter Productivity App" which does exactly this. It uses your existing QQQ Acquisition and Quant methods to enable your lab analysts to rapidly acquire and analyze the data. A core component of this software are compound groups which let you configure panels of compounds to be acquired, analyzed, and reported via Quant without needing to change any method parameters! One simply defines the compound panels one wants to run - and only those compounds will be acquired/reported.


            Read more about the MassHunter Productivity App here: MassHunter Productivity App Resources

            And here: MassHunter Productivity App | Agilent


            Note - while the app is marketed as a 'pesticide screening' tool. The core component of the offering can be used with any routine QQQ acquisition method (including environmental systems). If you're interested let me know and we can get one of our product specialists to give you a demo.


            2.) Within Quant - it is possible to use Compound Groups to filter what get's sent to the report. In your Quant method editor - you can select which samples and which compounds are reported. Would this meet your need?

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                Hello hexatriene,


                Thank you for your answer.

                In fact, we have production constraints that make impossible to use compound groups so we think that your software solution"MassHunter Productivity App Resources" will have the same drawbacks because each time each sample has different compound groups.

                Our idea is to use the costum action to "filter" the compounds by sample according to our data system.


                We wondering if it's possible to make a Environnemtal test in Visual Studio with script written in C# (not python) by using a specially step that we didn't find in the documentation.We'll do it by not compilate but it's not friendly.


                But for now we try to understand how it's work and which files are involved in MassHunter. The issue is maybe simpler than we think (just a .xml file. should be updated)


                Can you help us understand how it work. Many thanks in advance for your collaboration

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                    Hi Armel -


                    I'm afraid I can't be of much further assistance directly. However - we can recommend an out-side contractor consultant - unaffiliated with Agilent - who can assist with these kinds of issues. If you're interested - please send me a direct message (you have to "follow me" in this system in order to send me a DM) and I can provide you with the details.


                    If you are interested in pursuing the built-in compound group functionality with Quant - or the MassHunter Productivity App - please let me know.