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Visual Studio Test script C# for MassHunter

Question asked by armel on Dec 13, 2018
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We are a environnemental laboratory in Lyon (France)


The issue is that we don't need all of all coumpound default defined in our method because each custumer want different coumpound.


So we want to synchronise our database per useful coumpound's custumer using C# Scripting (Custum Action)


We found find some usefull documents in D:\MassHunter\SDKs\Quant\Documents


and I took this script exemple " Zero Peak Below LOD" just for install a test-developpement in visual studio.


I took all .dll to my visual studio from the C:\Program Files\Agilent\MassHunter\Workstation\Quant\bin


But when I run the program it doesn't work because of a missing .dll (UIState) I didn't find anything.


Can you provide us with more information on that subject ?


Thanks for your help.