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    How to set up report to calculate my percent active after attaining a concentration?



      I am quantifying two actives in a dry fertilizer to find %active of each in my product. I want this process to go as quick as possible as this is for a time sensitive QA procedure. I was wondering if there is anyway to manually enter the mass of product weighed into each sample (and the size of the volumetric flask) to have the report on chemstation easily calculate these %active values I am looking for. It would be nice to be able to simply plug those mass values in and have my result immediately after a report is generated like I could on excel. That way I can negate any human error entering concentrations found via the HPLC into excel and save some time as well.


      Does anybody know if it is possible to do this and if so can you walk me through the steps? Any help is appreciated.

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          I added tags to this post to increase visibility.


          You should be able to do this using custom fields. To create a custom field for your method, go to Method>Custom Field Setup. In the resulting popup window you will be able to define custom fields to apply to each sample you run with the method and/or each calibrated compound in your samples. In the below screenshot, I created to sample custom fields: Mass and Volume.


          Once you have custom fields saved to your method, you can then input values for these fields in the sequence table for each line using that method. To enter in values for these custom fields you just need to click on the custom fields button above the sequence table (outlined in red in the below screenshot):



          These custom field values will be stored in the results for each applicable data file collected in the sequence. You can then call these values on an intelligent report by using the Sample Custom Field report items. In the below screenshot I added Sample Custom Field 01 and Sample Custom Field 02 to a new report template:


          Now that you know how to define custom fields and add them to a report, the next step would just be to call them in a custom expression to calculate a %active value.


          Hopefully this helps.

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              That helps a lot, thank you!
              I've got one more problem I'm running into at the end of these steps. I got it set up to give me a result for %active which seems about right, but it is only for one sample on one of the two compounds I'm screening. I need it to give me 2 values for %active for every sample, and to label which value is from which compound.
              I did a run with just two samples to try this out, screenshots are attached along with the expressions I have in each custom field report for reference. Is there a certain expression I need to have in each cell to get the entire list of samples (with labeling as to which is which from which compound)?


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