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    reprting a peak based on ESTD


      i'm trying to quantify a 1% O2 balance helium gas using openlab 2.2. my calibration gas is a 5000ppm O2 balance N2. On previous versions of chemstation I just changed from Percent to ESTD in the calculation mode in the quantitation settings of the specify report window. Does anyone have any knowledge of how I can achieve this in OpenLab2.2?

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          When you create a processing method in OpenLab CDS Data Analysis, you are given several method configuration options. Depending on what configuration you select, your method will have different options/features available to select from. If you are working with a GC/LC Area Percent processing method then you will not be able to build calibration curves and generate quantitative results. If that is what you are trying to do, then you will need to link a GC/LC Quantitative process method to your results:



          With a GC/LC Quantitative processing method, you will then have a Compounds>Calibration section where you can specify the type of calculations you want to use to generate your results:


          It is also important that you select a compatible report template for the type of analysis you are performing. In your case, the Short_Estd report template would be a good place to start.