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    Backflush Wizard method setup




      I'm trying to set up a backflush method on an instrument that we've been using for some time.  It is a 7890A with a 5975 GC/MS.


      After much searching I found the backflush Wizard hidden under the Instrument menu tab.  The software required me to update the GC firmware, which I also did.


      Now, when I go back through the menu to start the Wizard, I still get the same error, and it recommends that I import the method FROM the GC TO the acquisition software, but there are no instructions on how to accomplish this and there are no help topics related to this function.


      I recall something like this from some version of Chemstation, but not MassHunter.  I'm sure there's a simple fix and I am just overlooking it, but I need to know where to look.


      Has anyone else encountered this issue?

      How do I import the method to the PC?