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    Unknown peaks Custom Calculation



      I am using OL 2.3 and want to calculate the concentration of unknown peaks against the response of the "Dimer" compound which is present in the sample chromatogram.

      I have used the following:



      and the unknown peaks present in the chromatogram are being correctly quantified against the response of the Dimer which is what I need. However, I need to refine the calculation so that it only does the calculation for unknown/not identified peaks as I do not want the calculation for all peaks in the chromatogram. How can I make the calculation specific to unknown peaks please?

      I am also wondering if when I use an instrument from a different vendor if the signal name will be the same. I will be using the same acquisition method so does this mean the signal name will be constant across different vendor instruments?


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          You can use the If() function to make this calculation conditional. For example, below I have set up a CC so that the calculation is only performed for peaks without a compound name associated with them. For all other peaks, it will output a value of 0.


          For your second question, the signal name from third party detector will not necessarily be the same as an Agilent detector. The signal name is typically defined by the instrument driver and Agilent instruments would be using a different driver than non-Agilent instruments.

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              Thank you very much for the advice.

              I have modified the SignalByName ("DAD1A") to SignalByName(Signal_Name) and the calculation is still working as expected for the current instrument signal so I hope it will be OK for the instrument from the different vendor.  I found that using Compound_Type=0 instead of Compound_Name="" also worked and instead of outputting a 0 value for all known peaks I used "" instead so the output was just blank.

              Thank you again it has really helped.