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Automation of EZChrom Elite via ActiveX programming

Question asked by martinp on Nov 26, 2018
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We have a new system with OpenLab EZChrom Elite ver 04.08. I use the automation interface and control the GC software and the analysis from LabVIEW via ActiveX programming.

This way of automating the GC analysis, I have used for closer to 20 years now, from back in the days when Scientific Software was runnning the show with EZChrom Elite.


After a couple of month the GC on this new system the software suddenly refused to start up, it just showed the GC-software a couple of seconds, then dropped out. Our local contact in Norway (Matriks) arrived to help. and after a quick Repair (reinstallation) the problem was fixed. Then the system has been stable, until last Friday. Then the problem returned, but now it acts much worse. After a Repair, the GC software works ok in "manual mode", i.e. not via ActiveX and LabVIEW control. But if I take control of the GC software from LabVIEW, it now only works ok one time, then breaks down again. A rather hopeless and frustrating situation, having a software that only works once.


Maybe Agilent could give some advice here ?

I'm  about to install the new version 04.09 now, maybe that will do the trick ?