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Questions about data processing on OpenLab Chemstation

Question asked by elodie on Nov 29, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2019 by ryoboyle

Dear folks,


I have regularly questions while processing my LC-MS data on OpenLab Chemstation. I thought that maybe I will find some answers on Agilent Community. Here are my questions:


-After a LC-MS analysis with ESI positive and negative mode at the same time, I indicate "MSD manual references", then I select my two background spectra on the positive mode chromatogram and then I select the average spectrum (still on the positive mode chromatogram) to be background substracted. Two mass spectra appear: one in the positive mode and one in the negative mode. I suppose the positive mass spectra has been background substracted, but is the negative mass spectra substracted too?


-How do you do to simulatenously view with a zoom 3 chromatograms (UV, ESI+ and ESI-) not overlaid ? When I zoom on a chromatogram (for example UV), the two other chromatograms (ESI+ and ESI-) are also zoomed but at the same scale as the UV chromatogram, which is never the same order of magnitude that MS signal. As a result, I have a zoom on a single chromatogram and the other chromatograms look like blank. Is it possible to define by myself the scale for each chromatogram ?


-After opening LC data, I integrate the peaks (with the method and sometimes manually). However, the integration always disappears after closing/reopening these data. How do you save the integration for each chromatogram?


-Is it possible to display the percentage area of the peaks on the chromatogram?


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