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g1314 intensity fails min before and after cell rebuilt, twice. Do standard flow cells worsen over time?

Question asked by scomand on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by scomand

I have been working on an old VWD that was not used much. After running the intensity it failed only on the minimum with a 400 of >6400 cts. So more water was flushed through it over night and the same fail reoccurred. Rebuilt the cell using the g1314-65061 and watching the video rebuilding and changing cells in the FAQ section. Allowed water to flow through it over night to make sure all the IPA was gone. Ran intensity again and got 951 of >6400 cts. This is generally how this issue is remedied at our location. Rebuilt the cell just in case the new window was scratched and replaced the cell making sure the screws are set properly and flowed water again for over night to ensure cleanings.

Maintenance-Calibration was performed to ensure cell was lined up and optics are working. Performed intensity that failed with a 882 of >6400 cts.

I have tried a new cell and it was fine, passing on the first try. If the cell is nothing more than a set of windows with a capillary, why would this fail after a rebuild? The capillary flows with water, ACN, IPA, and MeOH with out problems. I'd like to think its not a dirty cell. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!