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Custom CalibrateTOFMassAxis scripts

Question asked by 6545_walkup on Nov 12, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2018 by 6545_walkup

Hi everyone,

We have a 6545 QTOF configured for Walkup samples. The instrument is usually tuned in fragile ions mode (Pos and Neg, 2GHz Ext Dyn range, 50-1700m/z) to accommodate for some sensitive compounds. As part of the weekly running routine we run automated calibration / tuning. In Walkup this is done by creating a method with a pre-run script (SCP_CalibrateTOFMassAxis) which is scheduled in the Events tab in Walkup.


When this script executes we seem to be losing the fragile ions mode selection and the parameters (Oct Rf and fragmentor voltage) revert back to those in 2GHz, Ext Dyn range, 1700 m/z. Is there a way to configure the selected tune parameters in these scripts? Occasionally we would like to extend the mass range to 3200 m/z, could we then use these same configurable pre-run script to ensure TOF calibration before these samples? Or load a previously optimized tune file?


Any help would greatly be appreciated, many thanks!