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    Export the Data inside a CSV




      We want to create a specific Report which only show the Sample Name and the Concentration.



      Is it possible to put the Value between a self chosen token ? ( like between a $ or § )


      In the RTE I only put 1 Data Field.



      The Expression I used is:

      In the processing method I selected as output destination. Windows File System.


      I opened the CSV File.


      I only want the highlighted value show up.


      For this method we use an internal standard.



      1st. How to only show up the Value 49.18 in the Report. The Second line within the CSV


      Thank you

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          Hello mr.white,


          If you just want to report the concentration for one compound in particular, then the simplest way to approach this would be to set up a filter on the  group containing the concentration field for the compound name. If your concentration field is not in a group, you can right-click and select the option to 'Group' to create a group containing the field. Then right-click on the group and go to Properties.


          In Properties you can choose to repeat the group on Compound_Name, then go to the Filtering tab to set a filter for Compound_Name = API. Then only the concentration for API should be reported.

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            Thank you Ryoboyle,


            it worked. I only need to figure out, how I can do it, without using a matrix and filter all out.

            It kinda get very complicated, for me to explain to others, how to use it properly. ( maybe that saves my job )

            I still try to figure a perfect way to solve this, but with this help it gets much easier.



            Thank you very very much