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    Upgrading from EZChrom Elite to newer software


      Hello everyone,


      I am using 7820A GC. Currently I have EZChrom Elite software running on a PC with Win XP (old university systems ), Now I want to upgrade to a newer version. I have another PC running Windows 8. Could you suggest me a newer version of Agilent GC software which work with 7820A? Do I need to pay if I upgrade the software?


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          I just marked this post as a question.


          Unfortunately, support for the last revision of EZChrom Elite software (rev 3.3.2 SP2) only went up to Windows 7 32-bit. If your new PC is running Windows 8 then you will need to upgrade your software to a software that is compatible with that OS.


          There are three main software platforms available from Agilent for use with a standalone 7820A: OpenLab CDS ChemStation, OpenLab CDS EZChrom, and OpenLab CDS 2.x. From a workflow perspective, OpenLab CDS EZChrom would be the easiest transition if you are used to using EZChrom Elite 3.3.2.


          I recommend that you contact Agilent (Contact Us | Agilent ) and discuss this with a sales agent. They will be able to recommend software product and determine if we are still selling a version compatible with Windows 8.

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