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    Column information automatically not coming in DA Method


      Dear all,

      I am using Openlab CDS-2.3 software and agilent HPLC 1260 infinity-II system which have MCT(G7116A) with column tag reader. Before data acquisition l have set column tag write. After data acquisition when i create new DA method then I didn't found automatically  column information such as Column serial no, column description, Diameter etc. in system suitability section of DA method. Which sould come automatically in system suitability section. In that case i always use overwrite column parameter by clicking this box. Please suggest how i can get automatically  column information in system suitability of DA method .


      For your information some image attached here.

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          Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the current releases of OpenLab CDS 2.x. In future releases it is planned for column tag information to be stored with the injection results and in the processing method to automatically populate the column parameters for system suitability calculations, but at this point in time this information needs to be entered manually in Data Analysis.