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    How to add group Area in ESTD report?


      I'm using EZChrome for GC 7890B. And I need to export ESTD report because another software needs this report to calculate CO Conversion etc.

      I defined Peaks and Groups in integration method .

      Groups contain some undfined peaks.

      But the groups didn't be included in the ESTD report Now (In Method\Advance) .

      How to add these groups in ESTD report ? Because I need the total area of Group.

      And I want the group area equals to sum of all peaks area in the group range which I defined.


      Thank you!

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          I added some tags to this post to increase visibility.


          What revision of EZChrom are you using (Help>About)? We will also need to determine what type of report template you are using since EZChrom has a few reporting options. Does your report template have a .rep, .tpl, or .rdl extension?