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Agilent 7000A: Detector goes offline

Question asked by mag on Nov 1, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2020 by mag


Recently we bought used Agilent 7000A triple-quad (7890A GC equipped with G7000B triple-quad detector).

Several monthes ago we faced the problem with triple-quad detector that suddenly goes offline. MassHunter reported that connection was lost, ping from command line could not get a reply from detector (there is no problem with GC pinging). LCD screen on the face of the detector is operating but keyboard does not (detector have no control LED on the front panel).

GC, detector and PC connected via LAN-hub. Any manipulations with LAN-cables as well as resetting the PC did not solve the problem.


We have found that the only way to reset the detector is to turn off the main switch onto front panel for a several seconds (we could not find no hard reset buttons on the back panel).

After reset the instrument was operational for weeks but the problem has emerged again.


It is interesting that detector has never went offline during run or standbye but only during transition modes - inbetween batch sequence posititions or during venting.


What can be the source of this malfunction? And how to get rid of this problem? What else can I check? Is that really the only way to reset the detector?