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Cleaning autosampler syringes between sessions

Question asked by soccerdad on Oct 27, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by soccerdad

Hi everyone

We have a 7890A GC connected to a 5975 MS with the 7693A autosampler. Being a teaching establishment there can be gaps of several days between the equipment being used. Also we have some labs which use polar solvents such as methanol and some labs which use non-polar solvents such as hexane.

Does anyone have any tips how to keep the autosampler syringes viable between uses. We often find that when using the system after intervals of non-use the syringe plunger is stiff and in some cases won't move. if this isn't caught prior to injection then the syringe plunger may get twisted.

I have tried getting users to use different syringes for polar vs non-polar solvents but that hasn't fully stopped the problem from happening. I also tried using acetone as wash at the end of the run but that didn't seem to help either

Other than taking the syringes out between uses and manually flushing them prior to the next use is there anything I can do.