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Chemstation ISTD Area Percent Report Calculation in CDS 2.3

Question asked by rchoudha1 Employee on Nov 1, 2018
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Recently one of our client moved form Chemstation Ver B.02.01 to OpenLab CDS 2.3 Customer was using an method which has all ISTD & Calibration Curve information in Chemstation Method. Now This Customer does not have these STDs to Perform the Testing now & want Chemstation Method to be imported to CDS 2.3 as its is. Is there any way Out for same, We tried importing Chemstation method importing DA & found CC Information is Missing in same.


So we Imported 8 years old Chemstation data files in CDS 2.3 & plotted curve. Now the Problem is customer want all reporting as per Chemstation fields. Attached are the Fields which we are looking in CDS & Could Not find.






These are routine and basic fields in Chemstation reporting & We are curious to find out how to do same with New CDS 2.3 Platform.

Please help is you can guide or help in this regard.