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    needle seat loose


      hey all, anyone ever had the needle seat get loose enough to move up as the needle withdraws (consequently errors out with the arm getting stuck)?  Our HP1100 has started doing this and I've yet to figure out a way to tighten the plastic casing around to to prevent it from moving.  Any help is greatly appreciated!


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          Hi Bert,


          You can either replace the needle seat itself but if you don’t have a new seat to hand (or you already did it) you can wind some PTFE tape around the body of the needle seat. Not sure where in the world you are but here in the UK it’s also referred to as plumbers tape. That will make the fit tighter and the seat wont lift out with the needle.


          Good luck,


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            which sampler do you have?  you can replace the seat adapter as well...

            This is the plastic part the seat sits in....

            For the G1313A/G1329A it is  pn G1313-43204

            and for the wellplate G1367X- pn G1367-43200