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Spray Chamber, Chiller Questions (7900 ICPMS)

Question asked by labrat_897256 on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by labrat_897256

Hi all,


My questions pertain to a 7900 ICP-MS set up to run aqueous samples for environmental applications. 


I've noticed that my "S/C temp (L)" meter typically reads around the coolant temperature range (~15-20 C)


According to Masshunter Help, the "Input (Meter Reading and Status)" can indicate "temperature (H)", which should be similar to cooling water temperature, and
"temperature (L)", which reads the cool side of the spray chambers cooling block "typical value is about 2 C". 


In our batch method, the S/C temperature is set to 2 C.  So why does our "S/C temp (L)" meter not read around 2 C? Could our chiller not be operating properly?



Our oxide ratio has always been slightly high (1.5-2%), and I'm wondering if a high S/C temperature could be an implicating factor. 


On a different, but slightly related note, what is the spec on the chiller temperature?  We just got a new one, and its set to 15 C.  I believe I heard before it should be 20 C? Please confirm.