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    Sequence Summary Export failure


      Hi Folks,


           I am currently running OpenLab EZChrom A.04.07, build 04.07.28 on a Windows 7 computer.  I had an issue with the sequence summary export, which has

      worked in the past.  The instrument log is telling me that it can't export the data to the computer desktop, but I have been able to do this in the past.  I have checked

      the Result Set properties to make sure the path is set to the Desktop, but I don't know what might have changed from a short ago, when this feature worked fine.


      Any suggestions for things that I could look for ?  I thought I might have issues with user privileges.  One of the folders has been set to read-only.

        • Re: Sequence Summary Export failure

          Sorry everyone, 

               This is the second time that I had a problem and pretty much next day, fixed it.  I always find two heads are better than one or multiple heads.  It was pretty annoying, but as soon as I transferred all my HPLC methods, templates and libraries to a new duplicate project folder I was working on, I went through my calibration table.  As soon as I realized I was referring to a library in another project, I changed it to the current project and everything was golden.  The sequence summary export worked.