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Accepting (approving) outliers in Masshunter

Question asked by arjantaal on Oct 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by hexatriene

For environmental analysis of POP's with QQQ, we aquire at least two transitions.

The first one to quantitate, the latter ones as qualifiers whitch should lie between ± 20% of the expected ion ratio.

However, for very small peaks ( < 2 times LOQ) it is allowed to elevate this threshold to ± 50% and it is up to the analyst to evaluate and approve it.

First: Is there a way to incorporate this "flexible" threshold into the quantification method software? I can only find the way to evaluate ion ratio outliers (Method tasks -> Outlier Setup tasks -> Qualifier ratio) but this is very rigid.

Second: Is there a way for the analyst to approve an outlier in such a way that the flag is removed (or overruled) but still is registrated by the CDS?