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    Results inside the generated Files in the end of the sequence.




      in the processing method I defined the output files format after the run has completed.


      Then I click " Save Method" ==> Reprocess All ==> Save all Results.


      Then I open the Folder.

      I searched in the files for the results, but couldn't find it.


      Then I tried to open the content manager. ( We want to use FTP to transfer files )



      Then we open the Project there.


      This file looked interesting, but I couldn't find a result either.


      I opened the files with notepad. The File Formate was XML .

      But I couldn't find the Concentration Result from the Report.


      My Question now is:


      1.) Which of these Files contain the Results.

      2.) Is it possible to save the .mfx file ( Contain the Checksum)  outside of the "Content Manager"


      Thank you

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          Hello mr.white,


          Those .pdf, .docx, .txt, etc... files that are created when you reprocess (like you specified in your processing method) are being generated using the SequenceSummary_Short.rdl report template. Unless this report was edited, there should a group that repeats on Injection_ID that contains a results table with columns for RT, Signal, Type, Area, Amount, Concentration, and Name which should be populated for each calibrated peak in each of your data files. Is that results table not populating? Are the peaks identified and calibrated in your processing method? Another thing to note is that the report template in question is a sequence summary report and you are attempting to use it as a single injection report. I would recommend that you switch to either the Short_Area, Short_ESTD, or Short_ISTD report, depending on your quantification mode.


          To answer your other questions, the results for each data file are saved in the .rx file for that injection. The .acaml file in the .rslt folder that you refer to stores the sequence specific meta data. The .mfx file is a manifest file that keeps track of file versions within the .rslt folder and it needs to be saved in the .rslt folder. If you are saving the .rslt folder in your OpenLab Server Content Management then the .mfx file will also need to saved there as well.

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            Thank you for your fast response.


            I found the value inside the files.

            Is there a way to create only 1 File instead of 20. ?


            For my understanding. When the data is saved inside the content manager it create the .mfx file.

            If I save it on a windows file system, its missing. I know it contain the md5 checksum.


            do we need to use an external program to determine the checksum again ? 



            Thank you, and have a great weekend