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Results inside the generated Files in the end of the sequence.

Question asked by mr.white on Oct 25, 2018
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in the processing method I defined the output files format after the run has completed.


Then I click " Save Method" ==> Reprocess All ==> Save all Results.


Then I open the Folder.

I searched in the files for the results, but couldn't find it.


Then I tried to open the content manager. ( We want to use FTP to transfer files )



Then we open the Project there.


This file looked interesting, but I couldn't find a result either.


I opened the files with notepad. The File Formate was XML .

But I couldn't find the Concentration Result from the Report.


My Question now is:


1.) Which of these Files contain the Results.

2.) Is it possible to save the .mfx file ( Contain the Checksum)  outside of the "Content Manager"


Thank you