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    Calibration table different sequences



      Is there a way to use the same calibration table in multiple sequences in OpenLAB V1? (e.g. apply a X calibration table into a sequence)




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          Hi Matias, if you're referring to OpenLab ChemStation, you can do the following:


          1. In Data Analysis, load the method with the desired calibration (let's say this method is called SequenceMethod.M), then navigate to Method >  Save as New Master method. This will load the Methods folder (by default in \1\Methods, where 1 is the number of your instrument); you should save the method there. Let's say this new method is called MasterMethod.M.

          2. Since the newly created MasterMethod.M contains the calibration table, you will be able to use this method for any new acquisitions, whether they are single runs or multi-injection sequences, and the calibration will be applied to the resulting data.

          3. To reprocess existing sequence data (a.k.a. result sets) with MasterMethod.M, load the result set in Data Analysis and choose "Reprocess with a Different Method..." option under the Sequence menu. This will allow you to pick the Master Method you saved in Step 1 and have the results calculated using the calibration


          This answer was based on the assumption that you have OpenLab ChemStation, but the particulars might vary depending on the exact software. OpenLab V1 is not a valid revision. Can you post the exact revision of software so that we can offer more pertinent advice? You can find this out in the software, under Help (or the question mark icon in the top right corner) > About.

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