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    Enable to connecting shared services


      Hi, when launching OpenLab Control Panel the connection to shared services fails. When I check the connection it shows that the problem is "Agilent OpenLAB Shared Services" service is not running. However Net.tcp port is enable and running.

      Any suggestion to solve this problem?

      Many thanks!

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          I added tags to this post to increase visibility.


          On a standalone workstation installation of OpenLab Software there are a number of Agilent OpenLab services that need to be running in the background in order for the software to operate correctly. One such service is the Agilent OpenLab Shared Services. It sounds like this service is not running on your PC, though it is normally set to startup automatically when Windows boots up.


          To check the status of your services, hit Windows+R and in the run window type services.msc. Running services.msc will pull up a window similar to the below screenshot:


          You should find a service name Agilent OpenLab Shared Services and if the Status is not Running, then right-click on the service and select the 'Start' option in the right-click action menu. Once this service starts up you should be able to launch your OpenLab Software.