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Intelligent Reporting: Area % and Groups

Question asked by michalab on Oct 16, 2018
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I am using OpenLAB ChemStation CDS, version C.01.08 and I have 2 questions regarding intelligent reporting:

In the intelligent report I am trying to customize I have a column with Peak_AreaPercent and at the bottom I have their Sum. Sometimes the sum doesn't equal 100, sometimes it's 99.88 etc. Why is it like this and how can it be fixed to always display 100? I thought maybe I can eliminate the decimal places and just report a whole number, but I'd like to know why it's doing this and if it can be solved.


Secondly, in my calibration table I have created two groups that some of the peaks belong to. In my report, I have created a table showing Group Name and then the other column I am trying to report is the total Area % for all of the peaks in that Group. At the bottom of the table, I'm trying to get a sum of the Area % in the two groups.


Thank you!