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    gcms and internet


      I have 7890A GC and 5977B MS which are connected to the instrument via LAN to the pc and the question is should I connect the pc to the network via net cable so i can use google or yahoo etc....

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          Hello! Agilent would not recommend this. If you absolutely must connect it to the network, please note that there are certain precautions to take, like using the built-in PC Network Interface Card for the instrument connection, using a switch along with a secondary Ethernet adapter (USB-to Ethernet or an after-market PCI or PCI-e card) instead of connecting the instruments to the Wide Area Network, adjusting the binding order of the network adapters so that the instrument connection is first, disabling Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) for the instrument connection, and separating the instrument subnet entirely from the company subnets.


          Please contact your local service team for more in-depth consultation on this topic: Contact Us | Agilent

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