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    Multi-level Calibration in EZChrom




      I am using Agilent 7820A GC-FID with EZChrom Elite data system. I am absolutely new to GC. Past few days I am trying to do a multi-level calibration for my analyte. But totally confused with the options I find in the software.


      So far I have done the following steps.

      1. Made different concentration of Toluene (analyte) in DCM

      2. Created a method for analysis and identified the analyte peak.

      3. Created a Sequence with 5 levels and for each level I used the above method.

      4. Ran the sequence and manually injected the sample one by one ( no auto-sampler)


      After the sequence runs, I expected to see the results in "review calibration", but nothing showed there. So, I think that I definitely missed something during the whole process.

      Now I have the data of all five calibration runs in separate data files and not sure how to proceed further. If someone can help me with next steps or tell me the steps to build a calibration curve from scratch, I would be grateful.


      Thanks in advance.


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          Hello Oshin,


          In your sequence table, did you specify the Run Type of all of your calibration injections as 'Calibration' and identify the calibration level that you wanted each injection to update? If you do not specify both the Run Type and Level then your calibration curves will not be updated even if all of your peaks are identified in the method.



          If you already have the data files collected now, you can select the data files in the Filename column of the sequence table. Then when you process the sequence (executed by going to the Sequence dropdown and selecting Process), those data files will be used to update the calibration table and you won't need inject your calibration samples again.


          Hopefully this helps.

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              That was really helpful. But I have another question. While running a single method, a pop-up window appears with the provision to give data file name, method etc. In this same window, on the right-hand side there is an option to check  "calibration"  and if you click on that we can assign the number of calibration levels and so on. Does this mean that we can calibrate using a single method instead of making a sequence?



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                  Yes, you can build your calibration curves by performing a series of single runs with the same method. In the Single Run Acquisition window (accessed by going to Control>Single Run), you can select the run as a calibration run and specify the corresponding calibration level. You also have other calibration options such as "Clear all calibrations" which is useful if you are re-calibrating a method with new calibration standards. You will need to manually make these selections with each single run, whereas you can automate your calibration update in a sequence.