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Strange GCMS spectra when running analysis

Question asked by gchaplain Champion on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2019 by f.pokrandt

Good Morning,


We are currently using a 5975T on Chemstation and have experienced "grass" on our spectra before and usually either a dirty source or HED power supply issue.


However, this occurred during a tune as well as when performing analysis.


We currently have an issue that needs addressing, so when performing analysis we get grassing:

hence peaks at every signal. however if we observe the tune or manual tune parameters on scan we get:

(low 502 ion ratio due to high source and quad temps so please ignore the ratios)



No settings have been changed. This occurred over night, not gradual change just next day results were not working properly, there was a power outage in the lab a few times, however we do not know if this was a contributing factor.


And again this only happens when running a sample through the GC. The tune is great, if not better than usual.

The column is at a good length into the source, source is used but still tuning, EM volts looks good so EM horn should be OK. Occurs even on SIM.


Please respond with any questions or answers tot his as it's the first time we've seen this happen like this and i assume it's not for the good people of the community.