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    Area % groups in OpenLab report



      We are using OpenLab to run a 7890 GC, I am having problems trying to generate a report area %, with with timed groups.


      I want the area % of the timed groups, I used the default area%.rdl file and tried to add the groups in but have been unable to do this.


      thanks in advance,


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            I added tags to this post to increase visibility. In the future, please provide the software product (OpenLab CDS ChemStation, OpenLab CDS EZChrom, OpenLab CDS 2.x, ...) and software revision that you are asking about.


            In some of the default intelligent report templates, there are filters set on some of the tables and fields which can prevent peak/compound group results from being displayed. For example, I looked on the default Short_Area.rdl template on my OpenLab CDS ChemStation rev C.01.09 system. In the result table properties accessed by right-clicking on the table on the template (in the Report Layout view) and selecting Properties (shown below), there is a tab for Filtering.


            From the above screenshot, you can see that there are two filters on this table preventing compounds with a Compound Type of 3 or 4 from being reported in the table. Below are the definitions of the different compound type enumerations:



            In order for compound groups to be reported on this short_area.rdl template you will need to remote the filter of Compound_Type <> 4. Once you delete this filter, you will need to save the template as a new name as all of the default templates are read-only. Then when you print a report using this new template you should see results for your compound groups.


            Hopefully this helps.