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    Queueing up sequences seamlessly


      Hi all,


      We utilize various different methods and prefer to queue sequences up whenever multiple methods are needed for our analyses.  Problem is, whenever the 1st sequence is complete, the instrument sits idle and does not start the next (queued-up) sequence.  It appears that you have to click the save icon (floppy disk) to get it started, however this defeats the purpose of queuing up sequences if you have to be present to do such.  Any help is appreciated! We are using OpenLabs Chemstation version C.01.09.

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          Hi aew


          I don't have any answers for you, but a few questions that might help us to help you


          • Do you see a message in the Run Queue tab, telling you why Chemstation isn't running your queued sequences?
          • Which save icon do you have to click?  Save Sequence?  Save Method?
          • Would it be possible for you to take a screenshot using Windows Snipping Tool to show us what's going on?


          Kind regards