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    HPLC basic maintenance


      Dear community,


      What is the best practice to cleaning the HPLC when used reverse phase and normal phase? and what is the recommended frequency to do it?


      Of course, if I used buffer solutions the first step is cleaning with water but as next step what organic solvent is recommended?


      In addition, the same cleaning protocol could be used to an UHPLC 1290 Infinity II?


      Thank you.

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          For Normal Phase

          First unplug the column an insert a blank Column.

          Then flush out the Salts from the buffer. Use the same Solvent what u use for your buffer.

          For Example Hexan. Use the same amount of it. then increase the Hexan. Till you reached 95 % Solvent and 5 % Water.

          Then use Water / IPA. Put the pressure to 200 bar then u can purge the system with 10 ml / min.


          Frequency is after every run. Best way is to write a cleaning method.Configure it that it don't give you any reports.

          You just put it after every finished run.

          We used 10 % ACN. The second method had 95% ACN. Let it run for 30 minutes.

          After it you use 95% ACN or any other Solvent you use before.

          If you have a 4 Pump System then you can put the 2 Solvents on position 3 and 4.

          After the second run ( The column stay in the system ) your column is salt free and in storage conditions.



          Hope this helps