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    MassHunter PDF_Reporting_Unknowns




      I want to be able to edit this field on my unknowns report and have tried editing a few files but I'm coming up empty.

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          Sorry for the delay. I added tags to this post to increase visibility.


          Is your question regarding the MassHunter Report Builder? If so, and if you have not done so already, then the Report Builder Familiarization Guide is a good resource to begin with: https://www.agilent.com/cs/library/usermanuals/public/G3335-90219_ReportBuilderFamiliarizationGuide.pdf

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              That was helpful, and now I have a different question.

              How could I convert my report to a template report, because just changing the name to template returns an error when opening it in ReportBuilder, or how do I get rid of pages and have the sample chromatogram show up on one page with the hits for the report?


              I'm using one of the templates that reports unknowns, shows the chromatogram on the second page, then all the ion spectra on the following pages.

              I'm trying to keep it down to one page, top 10 rows of unknowns reported and the chromatogram.

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                  Hi Steven,


                  Ir may be that you need to use expression to count the rows and then filter results based on this value. Another option would be use of area/height filtering in UA or embedded in the report itsellf. Filtering in the report can be done in data bindings that you can find e.g. in each table.


                  I recently kept a webinar on this topic and try to remember to add link to this thread when I'm back at a office next week.


                  p.s. Chaning report file type wont make it a template. PDF builder templates are code-like entities using specific programming inside MH and direct reports are Python or C# code and use iText language as well.