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    Injection Repetitions and Holdup Times




      I need a explanation of 2 terms I found in the Chemstation Software.


      Injection Repetitions and Holdup Times.


      I couldn't find it in the Open Labs Help.


      Thank you

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          Hello mr.white,


          I added some tags to post to increase its visibility.


          Would you mind providing us with the revision of OpenLab CDS ChemStation that you are using? More context for the terms you are asking about would also be much appreciated.


          For 'Injection Repetitions', I am interpreting that to mean making multiple injections from the same sample vial. This can be done in the sequence table using the Inj/Loc (Injections Per Location) column.


          I am not quite sure what you mean by Holdup Times. There are a few different locations in the software that use "Hold Times" such as in the oven temperature section of a GC method or in a method's integration events.

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            Ok, good to know.


            Thanks for the Info